Concierge services for Executives and VIPs

We invite you to take advantage of our Private Concierge Services for both Executives and VIPs. Whether it is a personal or corporate level account, 5 Star CLS consistently strives to provide each client with an array of personal services. These include airport pickup, dropoff and greeter services, guided tours for local sightseeing and winetasting, as well as personalized concierge services. Our concierge service specifically includes providing recommendations as well as assistance with placing any kind of reservations and appointments for personal or business needs and engagements, including dining, entertainment, errands, travel arrangements, and of course safe and comfortable travel that is efficient and always on time.

At 5 Star CLS we surely appreciate the sheer amount of coordination and fine detail that goes into travelling and accommodating your priorities and needs during a trip, particularly for the busy Executive and VIP clients that already have much on their minds. The experience can be difficult and stressful when handling all aspects of the trip yourself – so instead you can choose to not fret over the details and hand them off to us. With our unique concierge services we would be delighted to discuss how we can help you with the many details in order to meet all of your needs and goals while travelling. We invite you to trust us and rest assured that we have it handled from beginning to end. After all you have the right to know that you can fully relax and take your mind off of the minor details and arrangements so that you can focus completely what is important to you.

The driving goal of 5 Star CLS Concierge Services is to provide a highly personalized, professional, detail oriented and yet discreet level of services to our clients, whether they are personal or corporate accounts, VIPs and executives alike. Please contact us with your travel and concierge needs, we would be delighted to assist you!